How did I get here?


I have been painting murals for a living for a little over 10 years and it still seems crazy to me. This isn’t a career I dreamed of growing up, or that I planned for. I literally just started painting one day when I was 26. Before that day, I didn’t know I was an artist or that I could be. Is that weird?? 

My art wasn’t great in the beginning but for some reason I kept pushing and kept practicing. I remember the day (I was walking out of @michaelsstores with blank canvases) that I thought, how amazing and crazy would it be if I could actually make money painting everyday.

I wonder how many people don’t know they could create for a living vs being at a job that they don’t love. Or how many people think that they can’t do something because there’s too many other people doing that same thing when the truth is there is enough room for everyone to do whatever they want.

Start the project that’s been on your mind and share it with the world because that tiny moment could change your future!

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